take a lover
who kisses
like light.
take a lover
who warms you up
in a dark night.


in my next life
let me be a tree
in a deep forgotten forest
where the wind tells me stories
and birds sing me a lullaby.


be the home
I never had.
be the dream
I never want to end.

lonely nights

and little by little
you will forget the colours of my eyes
but I will remember yours
at lonely nights, when I see the stars

all I want

I don't want you try
I want you to want me,
there is a difference.

a cold october evening

It was a cold october evening
we were walking
close to each other,
through an emty street,
talking about poetry.
suddenly you stopped
and your lips were on mine:
" this is how poetry is made",
you said
and we continued
the walk while holding hands
till late.

first spring day

my mother strokes my hair
while the wind wipes my tears away
we speak the same tongue
on an evening of a beautiful spring day